[Via Artemis] We have just published what we think is quite an important step in the documentation process – the developer reference. This is the CHM-style NDoc-generated class reference doc that we know you all love to get your hands on. It’s draft in that we have not provided enhanced commentary – it is from the base […]

Although I’m not really a friend on enforcing this for every image – there are always some images in a site which are only there to beautify the site which don’t have a message – here are some tips if you really need to enforce this. There are three dialogs that have to be adjusted: […]

Once in a while I see people using code to directly access the MCMS database. Today I found a blog from Chester who wrote a module to do this. Unfortunatelly direct access to the MCMS database without using the MCMS publishing API breaks the Microsoft Support Boundaries for MCMS. With other words: if you are not […]

I previously wrote an article that discussed an issue that can occur if an IFRAME is part of the MCMS page. Today Angus pointed me to another issue that can occur if you need to display an MCMS site in an IFRAME of another site. For presentation mode there are no problems but as soon […]

This was the first time that I got a full impression about what can be done with MCMS.Rapid. Actually this is really a great product filling many of the feature gaps MCMS has out of the box. The most interesting thing I saw was the SharePoint Webpart like modeling of templates. No VS.NET and no […]

Today I have uploaded the latest version of the MCMS 2002 FAQ to the Microsoft Website. Here are the links to access the FAQ: Html Version CHM Version (perfect as offline version)

MCMS context objects are not really designed for long running scenarios. Usually long running application need to take care on releasing unused resources and do housekeeping. Unfortunatelly MCMS context objects do not have such features implemented. Allocated resources are only released when the MCMS context is destroyed. From a historical point of view this is […]