Office "12" Curriculum may be overwhelming

Lawrence Liu has attended the Office “12” Curriculum Design Summit which I was also invited to but couldn’t attend.

Here are here impressions one the new product:

   I spent the past day and a half participating in an Office “12” Curriculum Design Summit, during which about 20 of our “Insiders” (Technology Specialists and Consultants) from the field reviewed our current Technical Readiness plans and provided invaluable feedback on content types and depth, priorities, preferred modalities of delivery, etc. One thing that struck me was the sheer amount of training material that we’re planning to delivery for Office 12, but I shouldn’t have been too surprised because the most common reaction from people who have seen Office 12 is, “Wow, this is huge!” No doubt about it, Office 12 will indeed be a huge release.


   My advice to anyone, who is interested in being an early adopter of Office 12, is to slowly and gradually immerse yourself in the ever growing amount of training material that will continue to be released every 2-3 months or so.


   So, if you didn’t attend PDC05 last week, you now have the opportunity to download the slidedecks that were presented at the event. Here’s a list of the slidedecks, which are most relevant to the Office 12 Servers:

  • DAT315_Welcker_McKulka.ppt — Building Portals And Dashboards For Business Intelligence And Reporting Applications
  • OFF308_Ammerlaan.ppt — Windows SharePoint Services ‘v3’: Creating And Defining Custom Templates, Sites, Features, And Solutions
  • OFF310_Morton.ppt — Windows SharePoint Services “v3”: Developing Collaboration And Tracking Applications
  • OFF313_Stocker.ppt — Web Content Management Application Development and Engine Extensibility
  • OFF314_Lefferts.ppt — Developing Enterprise Document Solutions Using Office Client And Server Technologies
  • OFF318_Lefferts.ppt — Developing Document Archiving, Records Management, And Policy Enforcement Extensions To The Microsoft Office System
  • OFF320_Sherman.ppt — Developing With Microsoft Office System Search Technology
  • OFF321_Burke.pptSurfacing Your Application’s Line-of-Business Data And Actions Within Enterprise Portals In Office “12”
  • OFF405_Ammerlaan.ppt — Windows SharePoint Services “v3”: Using ASP.NET 2.0 Technology To Extend Pages, Sites, And Server Farms
  • OFF409_Friesenhahn.ppt — Windows SharePoint Services: Advancements In Document, Content, And Data Storage
  • OFF415_Hatoun.ppt — Windows SharePoint Services: Developing Custom Workflows

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