10 great things about the next version of SharePoint Products and Technologies and CMS

Arpan Shah, Product Manager for MCMS and SharePoint has provided a nice list of his personal top 10 features in the next version:

There’s a lot of great buzz in the community as well as Microsoft around the next version of Windows SharePoint Services and Office “12” servers. The amount of investment that’s going into these technologies, if it wasn’t obvious at PDC, is tremendous. I thought I’d take a moment to share with you my list of the top 10 favorite “things”:

– Security/Auth “stuff” from supporting the ASP.NET 2.0 authentication provider model and security trimming to single item security. 🙂
– Built on top of Whidbey – support for ASP.NET 2.0 web parts, nav/auth provider models, master pages :-), and more
– SPS/CMS integrated architecture from end-user to development and deployment
– RSS, Wikki and Blogging support.. the RSS support is especially great w/ the new version of Outlook… or any RSS reader really
– Content types – very cool and super useful.. define a content type that includes metadata and actions
– Recycle bin – IT orgs will love that
– Lists – things like eventing support, scalability
– Search investments – relevancy and User Experience are fantastic
– ECM investments – from content creation, sharing, searching, publishing to retaining
– Workflow based on Windows Workflow Foundation

There’s a lot more… but I thought I’d list my top 10. I bet Fitz’s top ten is more developer focused… and Mark’s top ten is more solutions focused… mine is more of a mix of everything.

If you’re already developing SharePoint solutions – your web part investments with the current version -will- carry on to VNext.

If you’re a CMS customer, there’s a lot of great things in the next release. However, there are some architectural changes. So, I recommend taking a look at the best practices whitepaper that I listed in my previous. On SP2 and Beta availability, we’ll have more guidance on how to prepare.

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