Common Problems when copying an authoring MCMS database to the production server

Sometimes – especially when a large site update is required MCMS customers decide to use database copy rather than using Site Deployment to move the changes to the production machine. That is a valid way to do this but some things need to be considered when doing this step:

  1. Users assigned to rights groups might need to be adjusted after you moved the database
    It is a common scenario that users on a production server server are different than in the authoring environment. After copying the database these users need to be adjusted again
  2. All items in the database have to be approved
    That is a very important step! If you miss this then site deployment will not work correct in the future when the non-approved items should be adjusted. Actually items which are not in approved state on the destination server will not get replaced with the content in the SDO file!


  1. Another thing I’ve seen that’s missed quite often is copying/greating the cleanup SQL Server job from your authoring SQL Server -> production SQL Server.


  2. Hi Andrew,

    if you copy the database you would still need to run the DCA to attach it – and this will take care of the background job.

    If the database already exists and just just replace it the job will also already exist.

    Could you give me a scenario where that could happen?




  3. is the same for cms 2001?


  4. Yes, that is the same for CMS 2001


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