Content Deployment

A common question we receive is whether SharePoint 2013 is supported with SQL Server 2016. The answer here is clear: SharePoint 2013 is NOT supported with SQL Server 2016. Only the following SQL Server versions are supported with SharePoint 2013: The 64-bit edition of SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 The 64-bit edition of […]

Cern McAtee, one of our technical writers, has created a nice article about Content Deployment in SharePoint 2013. A must read for all customers using or planning to use Content Deployment with SharePoint 2013. The key points are: Updated guidance when to use Content Deployment Alternatives to Content Deployment New functionality related to Content Deployment […]

Today I analyzed an interesting problem related to mixing Selective Deployment and Quick Deployment. Background Info I explained the concepts of Quick Deployment in the following article: Content Deployment – The complete Guide – Part 5 – Quick Deployment To summarize: Each enabled Quick Deployment job that originates in a specific site collection is referenced […]