Private Comments

I just finished “upgrading” my private website with IE 9 features. One of the nice new features of IE 9 is the fact that you can now drag&drop an IE tab to the Windows 7 taskbar and pin it there for easy bookmarking. Windows 7 on the other hand allows pinned applications to extend the […]

Imagine a daily web comic that adapts tech stories from actual IT Professionals and Developers – a web comic that reflects the real lives of IT Hero’s such as you. The HHH Comic series will do just that. Starting the end of January we will release a new daily episodes driven from suggestions from the […]

This question might come up within the next weeks in the MCMS newsgroups. For all of you who also read my blog this will no longer be a secret: I will be in Australia for four weeks. The first three weeks on vacation with my girlfriend and the last week for business reasons. We decided […]

[Via Angus and Patrick Tisseghem] Last week I mentioned the new book ‘Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development’ from Andrew Connell, Angus Logan, Lim Mei Ying and Stefan Gossner. If you want a taste of it, go here and download chapter 5 for free – ‘Searching MCMS with SharePoint’. Even if you do not work with MCMS, […]

I just uploaded the pictures I took during my vacation with my girlfriend Michaela last week during our vacation in Cairo (Egypt): need to click on the “Bitte hier klicken” button to start a fullscreen window with the slides)