I've been Tagged – five things you might not know about me

I was “tagged” by Doug Stewart. So now it is at me to disclose some private thing to you.

So here are five things you propably don’t know about me:

  1. My favorite hobby (beside monitoring the MCMS newsgroup) is latin american dancing. I have already won a couple nice competitions on this.
  2. Before I started working in Support for Microsoft I have been working as a Software Developer for a German company. Here I worked on many different platforms with many different technologies (e.g. MVS. BS2000, VM, Unix, …). But I did not work with Microsoft technology.
  3. In 1999 I have crossed the Sahara in a Jeep. We started near Munich Germany, went down to Genua in Italy and used a ferry to go to Tunesia. Here we crossed the border to Lybia and then we went down south right beside the algerian border.
  4. In 1998 I jumped down 111 Meters from the Victoria Falls Bridge bound to a Bungee rope. It took less then 3 seconds but it was one of the most impressive emotions I’ve ever had.
  5. When my manager asked me to support MCMS in 2002 I told him that I’m not interested so he had to “force” me to do this.

So now it is at me to tag some others. I hereby tag Mey Ying, Mark Harrison, Arpan Shah, Steve Cawood, Joel Ward and Owen Allen. Now it’s your turn!


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