Blogging Platform

A quick information: I’m currently preparing to move this blog to a new location: Please start bookmarking the new location today as the current blog will be shutdown in a couple of weeks. Before you start worrying: nothing else will change. The content in the new location will be about the same topics and […]

The announced move of my blog has completed. It is now available under the Url you see above: Existing links and RSS subscriptions should continue to work as the old blog automatically redirects to the new location but you might want to update your bookmarks.  

I wanted to give you a short heads-up: my blog will be migrated to a new platform during this week and from what I learned the email subscriptions will not be migrated with the blog.That means to receive email notification again after the migration it will be required to recreate the email subscription.

Just a couple of minutes ago all MSDN and Technet Blogs were migrated to a new blogging platform. New Platform: new URL. From now on you can reach my blog using worries: the old URLs bookmarked will still work as redirects have been added to ensure that you can still reach the bookmarked content. […]

Since my first article on how I modified the look and feel of my blog I have made some additional changes. Here is a summary of all changes I made to the original “Marvin3 – green” Theme: Insert picture in title Move title text to right to give space for picture add a light border […]

Today I played around with community server to adjust how it places the different elements. Community Server on Technet has a couple of really nice skins but non of the addressed completly how I wanted to see my blog. The green Marvin3 skin was the one the fit my requirements most. But I wanted to […]