Blob Caching

Recently I had another service request where a customer reported high memory consumption in combination with the famous “Potentially excessive number of SPRequest objects (1007) currently unreleased on thread 17” message. You might notice the very high number (1007) in the message. While analyzing the callstack of the allocation we noticed that all these SPRequest […]

In the past I have written a post about Blob Caching and some of the limitations when using this method: MOSS 2007 Blob caching and it’s limitations In a recent service request my collegue Gyorgy Homolya worked on a performance problem which affected the site always at a specific time at a day. Analyzing some […]

A really nice new feature coming with MOSS 2007 is blob caching. A similar feature existed in MCMS 2002 was a predecessor of the WCM layer in MOSS 2007. Blob caching allows caching of binary objects like images, style sheets and documents on the MOSS front end server machine which heavily reduces the traffic to […]