[Via Spence] With the recent release of Service Pack 2 for MCMS, it is now possible to take advantage of many ASP.NET 2.0 features within your MCMS applications. The ASP.NET 2.0 AdRotator control has been enhanced to allow for programatic population, which makes it much easier to produce a AdRotator using MCMS Resource Gallery Items. […]

[Via Eileen Brown] TechNet Webcast: Integrating Your SharePoint Technologies with Project Server 2003 (Level 200)Monday, January 16, 2006 – 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific TimeColin Spence, Consultant / Partner, Convergent ComputingMichael Noel, Consultant, Convergent Computing Explore the integration of Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 and Microsoft SharePoint technologies. This webcast focuses on the best […]

In the first part of this article I discussed how to implement a SiteMapProvider for an MCMS website. ASP.NET 2.0 ships with three new controls that can be used for site navigation: SiteMapPath Menu TreeView Problems with the TreeView control SiteMapPath and the Menu control can easily be used on a MCMS website but the […]

Spencer has provided an article with some nice steps to setup MCMS 2002 with SP2 with VS.NET 2005 and SQL 2005. Just a small correction: the point that the steps he provided will prevent the VS.NET 2003 problem from happening. The problem only occurs on some machines and we are not yet sure why the […]

Arpan Shah, Product Manager for MCMS and SharePoint has written a nice article on his blog about how to get ready for Office “12”: http://blogs.msdn.com/arpans/archive/2005/11/24/496759.aspx He quoted me a couple of times pointing to my blog. For your convenience below are direct links to the articles Arpan was refering to. Regarding direct access to the […]

[Via Korby Parnell] If you’re an ASP.NET or SharePoint developer, SmartPart for SharePoint is an active project out on Gotdotnet Workspaces that is definitely worth a look. Yesterday, Jan Tielens, one of the workspace owners, released Son of SmartPart v1.0. Son of SmartPart (download under Releases) enables you to run ASP.NET 2.0 UserControls and WebParts […]

[Via Lawrence Liu] Well, theOffice “12” Beta 1 Technology Preview Program has officially started, and 10,000 lucky customers and partners are in the process of downloading the bits from our BetaPlace site. Already, the early press coverage has been very positive: PC Magazine: Microsoft Office 12 Beta 1: Extreme Makeover CNET: Inside Microsoft Office 12 (Beta […]