Lawrence Liu's "Top 10" features in Office 12

Now after Arpan posted his Top 10 favorite features for next version of SharePoint and MCMS Lawrence Liu has posted his favorite list:

  1. A “Global” Template that is applied/provisioned before any other template, and a Feature Framework that provides modularity for “additive” templates
  2. OOB document review/approval workflow with support for digital signatures
  3. Integration with Outlook — read/write access to SharePoint datetypes: calendar, tasks, contacts, discussions, and documents
  4. All SharePoint Lists provide RSS feeds!
  5. SharePoint Lists (e.g. Discussion Boards, Calendars, Document Libraries, Announcements) can accept incoming e-mail
    1. Discussion Boards maintain e-mail threading and full HTML messages
    2. Calendars process incoming iCals
    3. Document Libraries map attachments to documents
  6. File level security (i.e. access control) in Document Libraries
  7. List item versioning that shows metadata changes
  8. Complete control of site branding — apply custom master pages and page layout, define custom site navigation
  9. Support for multi-lingual sites!
  10. Policy based document archiving and records management with compliance reporting 

   Okay, one more:

  1. Business Data Catalog connects Office Servers to business data (ERP, legacy apps, databases, etc.) for “enterprise search integration”

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