Amazing PDC videos

[Via Angus and Mikael Söderström]

I was just watching some videos from the PDC at WinSuperSite. I really wish I was there.

If you weren’t there, check this videos out. They are amazing.

Convention Center Walkthrough
Bill Gates and Napolean Dynamite (Part 1)
Bill Gates and Napolean Dynamite (Part 2)
Bill Gates and Napolean Dynamite (Part 3)
Microsoft “Change the World” video
Windows Vista: Clarity in the user interface
Windows Vista: Windows Sidebar returns
PDC 2003 rock video
Windows Vista: Windows Sideshow
Outlook 12 features (Part 1)
Outlook 12 features (Part 2)
Jim Allchin on the 20th anniversary of Windows

From WinSuperSite


  1. Outlook 12 features (Part 2) – Link not working.


  2. Hi Monty,

    thanks for the hint! The links is now corrected.




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