This question might come up within the next weeks in the MCMS newsgroups. For all of you who also read my blog this will no longer be a secret: I will be in Australia for four weeks. The first three weeks on vacation with my girlfriend and the last week for business reasons. We decided […]

ASP.NET 2.0 introduces a new feature to allow cross-Postbacks to other webforms using the PostBackUrl property. This method is very nice and allows to replace ugly workaround that were required in ASP.NET 1.x like using GET requests with query strings or adding client side script that cleared the viewstate form field. There is only one […]

Tarek Yehin posted an article on how to create resource galleries programmatically. As already discussed in the past using such approachs will break the support boundaries for MCMS. A special comment to the approach in Tareks article: we had a customer this week with exactly this code in place (maybe it is the same customer?) […]

The latest version of the MCMS 2002 FAQ has been uploaded to the Microsoft Website. Here are the links to access the FAQ: Html Version CHM Version (perfect as offline version)

Today I received the question if it is possible to script the actions of the DCA when changing the MCMS database. This can be extremly useful in developer environments where users develop against different databases. Actually the DCA cannot be scripted but it is possible to backup and restore the configuration settings the DCA does […]

Clearing Hyperlinks does not work after installing SP2 Before installing SP2 it was possible to clear a hyperlink by selecting the hyperlink text, clicking on the hyperlink button and clearing the URL part. After installing SP2 the hyperlink is not cleared. The product team is currently building a fix for this. Workaround: remove the whole […]

Site Deployment export does not work on databases created before SP2 and moved to SQL Server 2005 This problem will occur with all databases which have been migrated from MCMS 2002 SP1a and then moved to SQL Server 2005. If you are affected by this issue please open a support case with Microsoft Support Services. […]