Third MCMS SP2 hotfix has been released today!

Clearing Hyperlinks does not work after installing SP2

Before installing SP2 it was possible to clear a hyperlink by selecting the hyperlink text, clicking on the hyperlink button and clearing the URL part. After installing SP2 the hyperlink is not cleared.

The product team is currently building a fix for this. Workaround: remove the whole link and enter the text again.

The hotfix for this request has been released and can be requested from Microsoft Support as KB 913554

Info: if you applied any changes to the content of the “CMS” virtual directory (IIS_CMS) then please backup this directory before installing the fix as you might have to reapply the changes after installing the fix.

(A list of all SP2 issues including state can be found here: Current known issues with MCMS 2002 SP2)

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