Some people never learn :-(

Tarek Yehin posted an article on how to create resource galleries programmatically. As already discussed in the past using such approachs will break the support boundaries for MCMS.

A special comment to the approach in Tareks article: we had a customer this week with exactly this code in place (maybe it is the same customer?) called in for a problem that could only show up if a database inconsistancy exists. As outlined earlier we had to reject this service request as the database is in a not supportable state.

And Tarek does not like others to comment on his articles either – he disabled comment for everyone not having a blogger account. 🙁

Here for everyone again my earlier posts about usage of undocumented API and direct access to the database:


  1. So much for that famous (but obsolete) phrase: "Freedom to Innovate"!

    Are these strong comments being made on behalf of Microsoft Corporation or simply by the CMS support team?

    It so happens that in some other Microsoft products (like SharePoint), the database schema is actually documented and made publicly available.

    The sooner we see the end of undocumented NResolution code base (with upcoming Office 12), the happier we are all going to be!


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