SharePoint security fixes released with November 2019 PU and offered through Microsoft Update

As I received some feedback that I should also add the Urls to the KB articles of the different security fixes I added this information to my blog post.

SharePoint 2010 Suite:

  • KB 4484159 – Excel Service 2010
  • KB 4484165 – SharePoint Foundation 2010

SharePoint 2013 Suite:

  • KB 4484151 – Excel Service 2013
  • KB 4484157 – SharePoint Foundation 2013 (core component)

SharePoint 2016 Suite:

  • KB 4484143 – SharePoint Server 2016 (language independent)

SharePoint 2019 Suite:

  • KB 4484142 – SharePoint Server 2019 (language independent)
  • KB 4484149 – SharePoint Server 2019 (language dependent)

Office Online Server:

  • KB 4484141 – Office Online Server
See the Security Update Guide below for more details about the relevant fixes:

More information:


  1. If the SharePoint 2013 security updates can be pushed through WSUS is there any need for the product config wizard to be ran afterwards?


    1. Hi Brad, yes most definitely running the config wizard is required as WSUS will only install binaries and resource files and any other needed updates / reconfiguration need to be performed by the wizard.


  2. Hi Stefan!

    I wonder about KB4484143 for SP2016 – it’s described as a “security update”, but I thought the only type of SharePoint updates that exist nowadays are CU:s? (I believe you said that, but I might have misunderstood…)

    Thanks for any insights!


    1. Hi Will,
      SharePoint fixes are always cumulative and that was always the case. CU means cumulative update. So this term applies to every single update we ever released since SP2003.
      Up to SP2013 we also had so called “Uber” packages which bundled all CUs to a single package (otherwise there would have been 30+ cumulative update packages for different SharePoint components a administrator would have to take care of. Since SP2016 we no longer have Uber packages as there are only 2 components (a language dependent and a language independent one).
      The list on this page lists all SharePoint fixes which include security updates released in this month.
      Hope this helps.


      1. Thanks Stefan!

        Sorry I’m a bit confused. 🙂 I always interpreted the “CU/Cumulative Update” term as a fixed definition referring a certain type of SP update (the ones you post every month), not as a descriptive property that can be applied to ANY type of SharePoint update.

        I’ve understood that there were basically three kind of updates for SharePoint:

        security fixes (smaller updates, delivered via WSUS)
        Cumulative Updates (bigger packages, downloaded manually, sometimes as 2 separate files)
        Service Packs (really large packages, released rarely – now discontinued for SP2016+)

        Both security fixes and CU:s seem to be released via WSUS, which isn’t always convenient. (Last time my farm received just 1 of 2 needed files for a CU from our internal WSUS…)


        1. Hi Will,

          each fix is cumulative.

          Every month we are releasing a CU for each product. For some products such a CU consists of one or more files. Uber packages bundle them.

          Plain security fixes do not exist in SharePoint an never existed.
          Security fixes are released in packages which always also include all non security fixes for the patched component as security fixes are cumulative and always were. The historic term for these packages is public update.

          This articles explains it:



          1. Thank you so much for your explanation and patience and the link.

            Just double-checking two things:

            1) So I could exclude all upcoming SharePoint PU:s from Windows Update (like KB4484143 on this page) and just deploy the monthly CU:s you publish (see #1 below), and be safe and still get all fixes and updates?

            2) The Nov 2019 CU (#1 below) is still an “Uber” package, right? (Even though “Uber” is not mentioned on that page.)

            Thanks, your help is very much appreciated!

            Nov 2019 CU for SP2016

          2. Hi Will,
            1) yes
            2) as I mentioned earlier: there are no Uber packages for SP2016. You have to install both fixes (language dependent and language independent).

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