SharePoint Variations – The complete Guide – Part 2 – User Interface

The variation system is integrated in the user interface of a site collection in five different locations:

  • Site Settings page
  • Master Pages
  • Page Layouts
  • Site Manager (Manage Content and Structure)
  • Ribbon


Site Settings

The variation system adds three links to the site collection administration section of the site settings page which will be discussed in further chapters:


Master pages

The variation system registers a delegate control in each of the default master pages to allow easy integration of a variation label menu on publishing pages in the variation hierarchy:


Page Layouts

The variation system allows to associate page layouts with specific variation labels to allow the implementation of different designs in different labels, to support different layouts for different devices, languages (e.g. LTR vs. RTL support) and cultures:


Manage content and structure

The variation system integrates into the context menu of sites and pages in the variation system to support spawning new sites and pages from this dialog. In addition, manage content and structure shows variation sites with a different icon than other sites:




The variation system extends the ribbon with additional operations related to the current publishing page:






  1. I've just come across your series of articles on variations.  Very useful.


  2. Hi Stefan,
    The List propagation jobs are running fine every 15 minutes. However, the list items are not propagated every 15 minutes. They propagate at a random time of the day only once. Could you help me out here.


    1. Hi Anil,
      if you need assistance please open a support case with Microsoft.


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