[via Mark Harrison] CMS.RAPID 1.3 will be launched on Monday March 27. In addition to a number of fixes and minor improvements, v1.3 contains completely new features: Support for multiple Taxonomies New Attachment Placeholder Site settings set through querystring Ability to add Web Based Console actions through configuration New Posting/Page level cache setting Authoring Preview […]

Event Description  Products: SharePoint Portal Server. Recommended Audience: IT Professional. Language: English-American Description: Many organizations are currently managing their Web content with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. The new Office “12” SharePoint Servers handle many of the capabilities previously performed by Content Management Server while taking advantage of SharePoint foundation technologies that combine both document management […]

Microsoft just released details on Packaging and Pricing for the new Office Suite: Feature Stories • Q&A: Microsoft Unveils Next Generation of Web Authoring and Design Tools (Feb. 15, 2006) Press Releases • Customers to Receive Better Solutions and More Product Options With 2007 Microsoft Office Release (Feb. 15, 2006) Fact Sheets • 2007 Microsoft […]

This question might come up within the next weeks in the MCMS newsgroups. For all of you who also read my blog this will no longer be a secret: I will be in Australia for four weeks. The first three weeks on vacation with my girlfriend and the last week for business reasons. We decided […]

Postbacks on Firefox and Netscape browsers do not work correct This will only happen if the <base> tag rendering using the RobotMetaTag control has been disabled. As a workaround either enable the <base> tag rendering or (if this is not an option) add the following javascript code behind the form tag of your template: <script language=”javascript”>    […]

The latest version of the MCMS 2002 FAQ has been uploaded to the Microsoft Website. Here are the links to access the FAQ: Html Version CHM Version (perfect as offline version)

With VS.NET 2005 the VS.NET product team decided to change the behaviour of VS.NET for web applications. Up to VS.NET 2003 only virtual directories and files explicitly added to the projects were taken into consideration for the compilation. With VS.NET 2005 all virtual directories and files are taken into consideration for compilation. As the “CMS” […]