[via Mark Harrison]

CMS.RAPID 1.3 will be launched on Monday March 27.

In addition to a number of fixes and minor improvements, v1.3 contains completely new features:

  • Support for multiple Taxonomies
  • New Attachment Placeholder
  • Site settings set through querystring
  • Ability to add Web Based Console actions through configuration
  • New Posting/Page level cache setting
  • Authoring Preview added during edit (optional)
  • Mandatory fields for CMS users first time sign in
  • Channel Placeholder – Common information at a channel level
  • Multiple base inheritance
  • New Links Placeholder
  • New Rapid Metadata Placeholder
  • New Image/Banner ad rotation control
  • Optional inclusion in A to Z
  • Extra Xslthelper functions
  • New Pages in path control
  • Revert to a previous version

CMS.RAPID is a solution accelerator / framework that enhances the core functionality of MCMS2002.

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