Feature Update 24H1 for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition has been released today

The 24H1 feature update for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition has been released today and is included in the March 2024 CU for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.

Releasing new features for a product which is used by a large number of users creates challenges for IT departments (e.g. users have to be trained to use the new functionality correctly, a change in behavior can lead to an increased number of internal support calls, new features need to be tested against custom solutions installed on the SharePoint farm, …). With the feature updates for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition organizations are given the ability to manage the introduction of new features introduced in a feature update by grouping them into feature release rings: the Early release ring and the Standard release ring. This gives organizations time to train their users and support staff on any new functionality, perform compatibility testing of those new feature experiences with existing customer scenarios, and develop new business processes to take full advantage of the new feature experiences.

See here for more details on the feature release rings.

Below is a list of all new feature released in the 24H1 feature updates and the release ring the feature is included:

New Features released with 24H1 Release rings
Custom branding in the Suite Bar Standard release (*)
Search vertical customization in modern search results Early release
OpenID Connect (OIDC) integration with SharePoint certificate management Early release
Customer feedback experience in Central Administration Early release

Standard release (*) in the list above means that this feature was available since Feature Update 23H2 in Early release and got promoted to Standard Release with the 24H1 feature update.

More details:

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