Mainstream support for SharePoint 2019 will end in 6 months

Just a heads-up in case that you still have SharePoint environments running on SharePoint 2019:

Mainstream support for SharePoint 2019 will end on January 9th, 2024:
SharePoint Server 2019 – Microsoft Lifecycle

After this date only security fixes will be provided for SharePoint 2019. Regular hotfixes can no longer be requested.
If not already done we recommend to start planning the migration to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition as soon as possible.


  1. Will there be a cost involved for the extended support for companies that already have SharePoint 2019?


  2. “Mainstream support for SharePoint 2016 will end on January 9th, 2024”
    Probably should be:
    “Mainstream support for SharePoint 2019 will end on January 9th, 2024
    Since the post is regarding 2019 and Mainstream support 2016 will stop Jul 13, 2021


  3. Not entirely clear to what “mainstream support” means and how critical it is to update to Subscription edition.
    As I understand it there will not be any fixes of the functionality in SharePoint 2019 after this date but there will be security updates until 14 of July 2025.
    So if you only use the most basic functionality and the users are content, is there any reason to update before 14 July 2025?

    Generally speaking does an update mean higher licensing costs?


    1. Hi Gerard,

      there are no additional license costs.
      It depends on your business needs. Subscription Edition gets new functionality roughly every 6 months.
      SP2019 is in sustaining mode only and after end of mainstream support identified issues in the product are no longer fixed if they are not related to security issues.



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