July 2023 CU for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is available for download

The product group released the July 2023 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.

Starting with March 2023 CU, Microsoft releases cumulative updates for SharePoint Server Subscription edition as a unified “uber” package containing both the language independent and language dependent fixes. Language independent and language dependent fixes will no longer be released separately.

Going forward it will be sufficient to install one single package to fully patch a SharePoint Server Subscription Edition server. This is similar to the full server packages released for SharePoint 2013.

The KB article for July 2023 CU will be available at the following location in a couple of hours:

  • KB 5002424 – July 2023 Update for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition
    This is also a security update!

The download for July 2023 CU is available through the following link:

It is irrelevant which language you pick on the drop down in download center. It will always download the same package.

After installing the fix you need to run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm. If you prefer to run the command line version psconfig.exe ensure to have a look here for the correct options.

Please ensure to have a look at the SharePoint Patching Best Practices before applying new fixes.
SharePoint Server Subscription Edition July 2023 CU Build Number: 16.0.16130.20642

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  1. Hi, Stefan

    We’ve noticed that saving OneNote with OOS does not work after applying July 2023 CU.
    Error we get is “File exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)”

    Other Office documents are working fine. Is this issue related to July 2023 CU and if so, does August 2023 CU fix this problem?



    1. Hi Antti,
      I would recommend to open a support case for this issue to get it analyzed in more detail.


  2. We experienced the same issue with all kind of Office 365 files. Workaround was placed by Microsoft as documentation update here


    To work around this issue, run the following command in the SharePoint Management Shell:

    $farm = Get-SPFarm

    That helped me to save another night working on that issues. All works now.


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