March 2023 CU for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is available for download

The product group released the March 2023 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.
Starting with March 2023 CU, Microsoft releases cumulative updates for SharePoint Server Subscription edition as a unified “uber” package containing both the language independent and language dependent fixes. Language independent and language dependent fixes will no longer be released separately.

Going forward it will be sufficient to install one single package to fully patch a SharePoint Server Subscription Edition server. This is similar to the full server packages released for SharePoint 2013.

The KB article for March 2023 CU will be available at the following location in a couple of hours:

  • KB 5002355 – March 2023 Update for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition
    This is also a security update!

The download for March 2023 CU is available through the following link:

It is irrelevant which language you pick on the drop down in download center. It will always download the same package.

After installing the fix you need to run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm. If you prefer to run the command line version psconfig.exe ensure to have a look here for the correct options.

Please ensure to have a look at the SharePoint Patching Best Practices before applying new fixes.
SharePoint Server Subscription Edition March 2023 CU Build Number: 16.0.16130.20206

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  1. Hello Stefan.

    The CU was installed in SharePoint SE Farm. After reboot I can’t lg in in Central Administration site “Sorry, something went wrong Unknown server tag ‘AdminControls:EndOfSupportNotificationBar’.”

    Could you help and provide the solution?
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Sergey,
      this can happen if the SharePoint configuration wizard was not executed on all the SharePoint servers in the farm after installing the fix.
      Please verify if the SharePoint configuration wizard was executed.


      1. Hi Stefan have the same issue, is it necessary to go ahead with the installation on all server?


        1. Yes. all SharePoint servers in the farm have to be on the same patch level and the configuration wizard also has to be executed on all servers.


  2. I’ve probably missed this somewhere. Does this mean Subscription edition no longer can be patched in 2 stages – updates applied, then upgrade at a later time if needed?


    1. Hi AB,
      of course you can do this. But if you are running the config wizard later you always have to execute Install-SPApplicationContent to ensure that the binaries are installed at the right places – a step that otherwise will be done by the config wizard.
      Install-SPApplicationContent will address the issue listed earlier as well.


  3. hi Stefan.
    I have a question about correct sequence fo CU installation.
    Currently we have SP SE January 2023 CU installed (KB5002331) & KB5002326 for language pack.
    If I wan to install the latest CU, should I install the July 2023 CU (KB5002424) and the last CU for language pack March 2023 (KB5002352)?
    Or is the July 2023 CU enough ?


    1. Hi Michal,

      since March 2023 CU there is no longer a separate language dependent or independent fix for Subscription Edition.
      Both are now combined in a single package.
      So installing KB5002424 from July 2023 CU is sufficient.



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