SharePoint security fixes released with April 2022 PU and offered through Microsoft Update

Below are the security fixes for the SharePoint OnPrem versions released this month.

SharePoint Foundation security fixes also have to be applied on SharePoint Server installations.
SharePoint Server security fixes also have to be applied on Project Server installations.

SharePoint 2013 Suite:

SharePoint Server 2016:

SharePoint Server 2019:

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition:

Office Online Server:

  • KB 5002162 – Office Online Server
See the Security Update Guide below for more details about the relevant fixes:

More information:

Please ensure to have a look at the SharePoint Patching Best Practices before applying new fixes.


  1. For 7 years I have applied only Security updates consistently and only CUs when they addressed a component that is enabled on our farm, which isn’t many. We do not use any BI elements or Search. We run workflows and answer tasks. So should I be deploying these CUs each month even if it is only for things we don’t use?


    1. Hi Rich,
      when we receive support cases about functionality being broken after applying a security fix the reason is very often that the packages containing the security fix contain other changes than the security related fix. And these other the changes often have dependencies to changes in other packages which do not include security fixes.
      If only the packages containing the security fix are installed other functionality can be broken because of missing dependencies.


  2. Where there any known issues in applying the April 2022 CU SharePoint 2016/2019 that you are aware of?


    1. Yes. For April CU for SP2019 its better to go to May CU as there might be issues with the Modern UI.


  3. Hi, We have KB5002189 & KB5002203 installed on all our SharePoint 2013 Farm Servers (WFE1, WFE2 & App), however when we try to deploy our Custom WSP, the Deployment job is stuck. We have tried everything from Resetting the Cache.ini , Running Config Wizard, PSConfig.exe, etc, but the job is stuck. Also the Cache.ini is not having the same value across the 3 SP2013 servers. This started happening only after this update was patched through the Windows Update. Any suggestions on how to sort this would be highly appreciated.


    1. Hi Soni,

      if you need assistance with this you should open a support case with Microsoft.



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