SharePoint security fixes released with March 2020 PU and offered through Microsoft Update

As I received some feedback that I should also add the Urls to the KB articles of the different security fixes I added this information to my blog post.

SharePoint 2010 Suite:

  • KB 4484197 – SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • KB 4484242 – SharePoint Server 2010 (core components)
  • KB 4475597 – Word Automation Services for SharePoint 2010
  • KB 4475602 – Office Web Apps Server 2010

SharePoint 2013 Suite:

  • KB 4484124 – SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • KB 4484282 – SharePoint Foundation 2013 (core component)
  • KB 4484150 – SharePoint Server 2013 (core component)
  • KB 4475606 – Word Automation Services for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2016 Suite:

  • KB 4484272 – SharePoint Server 2016 (language independent)
  • KB 4484275 – SharePoint Server 2016 (language dependent)

SharePoint 2019 Suite:

  • KB 4484271 – SharePoint Server 2019 (language independent)
  • KB 4484277 – SharePoint Server 2019 (language dependent)

Office Online Server:

  • KB 4484270 – Office Online Server
See the Security Update Guide below for more details about the relevant fixes:

More information:

Please ensure to have a look at the SharePoint Patching Best Practices before applying new fixes.


  1. Hello Stefan,

    Is it necessary to apply all KBs? We have SharePoint 2013 SP1 Enterprise and from above list I can see one stands for SharePoint Server, other for SharePoint Foundation, etc.



  2. Hi Gregory,
    SharePoint server includes SharePoint foundation. So of course you have to apply all SharePoint Server and all SharePoint foundation security fixes.
    With other words: for SharePoint server you have to apply all 4 fixes.


  3. Thank you Stefan.

    Appreciate you prompt response and clarification.


  4. Hello Stefan,
    We have SP2016 enterprise farm (1 front end server, 1 central admin) on Windows 2016. PS Config does not recognize KB4484272 on central admin and showing missing on central admin server. I have tried this on Test environment and applyed both KB4484272, KB4484275. Both front end and central admin showing these on windows update. I have decided to skip production to avoid the issue. Did any one encounter same issue?



    1. Hi Venkat,

      please run “GET-SPProduct -local” on the affected central admin server. That should fix the issue as it updates the installed products in the config DB.



      1. I have tried to run “GET-SPProduct-local” but of no use. Still PSConfig not recognizing the Updates. Thanks for your prompt response.


        1. In this case I would recommend to open a ticket with Microsoft support to get this analyzed.



        2. I got the same issue with a couple of my servers in the farm. Did you ever figure out what was causing it?


          1. Hello Paul,

            I have not opened a case with Microsoft. Since the issue is with our test platform, I have recovered both the servers from backup and tried again. To my surprise the SP2016 – front end shown both security updates and installed but Central admin not shown about these security updates. So I have to manually downloaded and install on central admin then ran PSConfig. I can not reproduce the issue to open a ticket with Microsoft. Thanks Venkat

  5. Hello Stefan

    When View formatting will support SharePoint On-premises? ,,,


  6. Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for your effort, I find this blog really useful.
    As I have seen various contradicting statements I would like to ask this:
    Consider this scenario – extracting this SW_DVD5_SharePoint_Server_2019_64Bit_English_MLF_X21-88177 ISO to my server and then extracting both files to Updates sub-folder. Installing new, multi-server farm.
    After the installation, installing 4 different languages (DE, FR, SP, NL).
    Do I need to re-apply KB 4484277 – SharePoint Server 2019 (language dependent)?


    1. Hi Luke,

      the answer is yes. When you installed the language packs you installed the RTM version of all files included in these language packs.
      You have to reapply the language dependent fix to ensure that the files installed later are updated.



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