Common Question: are the SharePoint security fixes released in March 2015 included in March 2015 CU

I have answered this question in various different posts already but it seems that these places are not as easy to find as I assumed.

So here is the answer to this common question:

SharePoint security fixes released at the same date or at a previous date as a specific CU are included in the CU.

With other words the answer to the question in the title is YES.


  1. Just wanted to say this blog is a great resource and is one of my "go to" sites to see what's happening with SharePoint.


  2. Hello Stefan,
    Have there been any reported issues with IE settings due to the March 2015 CU? Upon March 15 CU installation, I can not open task lists with Project. I receive a "This operation requires that MS Project Professional 2013 is installed". By changing the Document
    Mode to 9 via Developer tools under Emulation, I'm able to open tasks list with projects. Any ideas to why?


  3. Hi Tim,
    haven’t heard about this issue.
    You might want to open a support case with Microsoft to get this issue investigated.


  4. This would have been a question for me also, but with this post it is already answered! Thanks a lot!



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