SharePoint 2010 September 2013 PU and August 2013 CU

I received the question a couple of times so I decided to answer it here:

You cannot install September 2013 PU (public update) on top of August 2013 CU because August 2013 CU already includes September 2013 PU.
PUs are more intensively tested than CUs. Code changes done for September PU are also included in August CU. But September PU released one month later due to additional testing done on the public update.

More Details on CUs and PUs can be found here:


  1. For Future upgrades on 2010, do we need to upgrade September 2013 PU first ?


  2. Hi Sikander,

    no there is no need for this.




  3. It's good of you to post this clarification.

    However wouldn't it have been easier if they hadn't changed the name of the August PU to September PU when it was delayed? After all it still was (a better tested) *August* PU.

    Then there would have been less people thinking the obvious – "Sept X is not contained in August Y" !

    How would they have done this ?

    They would have made it August PU version 2. The version change would have justified the September date without there being any confusion about it being called an August PU.


  4. Hi Mike,

    are you talking about August CU?

    CUs are released every second month on the even month.

    That's the name of the CU – even if it is delayed.




  5. As a technical guy, it's easy to understand that why "Sept X is contained in August Y".

    But for business users, it's gonna drive them crazy.   🙂

    Emmmm…it's even hard for me to memorize that "Sept X is contained in August Y"


  6. Hi Stefan,

    I'm unable to find the September PU download link, Could you please help me ?

    Or Is the September 2013 PU link deleted ?




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