Certain Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 installation scenarios are not supported

If you are planning to use SharePoint 2013 you should be familiar with the following article which outlines unsupported Installation scanarios for SharePoint 2013:

As summary the following Scenarios are unsupported:

  • Installation on Resilient File System (ReFS) – only NTFS is supported
  • Installation on a machine which is not joined to a domain
  • Installation on a domain Controller
  • Installation on a Windows web Server
  • Installation on a Virtual Machine (VM) that uses Dynamic Memory

More Details are in the article listed above


  1. Hi Stefan,

    This is good stuff. I’d also add on the list the fact that stretched farms are no longer supported in SP2013:

    "All servers that belong to a server farm, including database servers, must physically reside in the same datacenter. Redundancy and failover between closely located data centers that are configured as a single farm ("stretched farm”) is not supported in
    SharePoint 2013."


    This was supported in SP2010 so might come as a surprise if you’re just doing migration using existing infrastructure :).


  2. Hi Jussi,

    this is more or less a wording issue. We had lots of cases in the past on this.

    Our Software has been tested on in Scenarios of a single data Center.

    But if you System worked fine with SP 2010, then it will also work fine with SP 2013.

    If you are affected by this specific Scenario I would recommend to open a Support case with Microsoft to get into a discussion about the implications.




  3. Thanks Stefan! We've had discussions with Microsoft and it seems the default goes here, as they point us back to the Technet article. I fully understand that, but it's problematic for customers already going the stretched farm-route, and now needing to change the architecture to conform to SP2013 recommendations. But as always, it depends and is often case by case.


  4. Thanks for the post, so good to give others a heads-up warning.

    I'd like to add one thing though: there's quite a lot of add-ons and peripheral software that might get broken by the upgrade. We're using this SharePoint add-on called Harmon.ie (http://harmon.ie) and we decided to hang back with the upgrade until express assurance that it'll keep working as before, since the add-on is used on virtually all workstations.


  5. Hi Stefan,

    I'm asking this question with self-education in mind, not an operational situation.

    Why is SP2013 not supported on a VM that utilizes dynamic memory?

    Many thanks,



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