Common Question: how can I enable space characters in the Url name of a publishing page

Per default all space characters entered for the url name are converted to a “-” sign. This is usually a good idea as reading something like “My-Press-Release.aspx” looks better than “My%20Press%20Release.aspx”. But some companies have a requirement to use space characters even in Url names of publishing pages.

The option to allow space characters in the url name of publishing pages exists – but it is a little bit hidden.

You can find it here: “Site Actions” – “Site Settings” – “Look and Feel” – “Page Layouts and Site Templates” – scroll down to the bottom and change the “Convert blank spaces in page name to ‘-‘” option.


  1. I'd love to have this conversion on non-publishing pages. Any way to get that?


  2. Hi Paul,

    afaik this functionality is only available for publishing pages.




  3. Hi Stefan,

    Is there anyway to configure this to use another character instead of a hyphen '-'. I would like to convert the blank spaces to an underscore '_' instead of the default hyphen '-'.



  4. No, the hyphen is hard coded.


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