Critical Information about a problem with the October 2010 CU for SharePoint Server 2010

Recently we discovered a problem related to user profiles when installing the October 2010 CU for SharePoint Server 2010.

The October Cumulative Update makes some changes and updates to the user profile database. Unfortunately there are certain situations where this update does not complete as expected and leaves the update in an inconsistent state.  This causes issues with several SharePoint features that use the User ProfileApplication such as MySites, People and Expertise Search & Ratings.

All the details about the issue including a workaround to overcome the problem can be found in the following blog post published by the SharePoint product group:

The downloads for the affected packages (SharePoint Server Package 2394320 and Project Server Package 2394322) have been removed from our download servers. If you have already downloaded them you SHOULD NOT install them. They will be republished.

Customers who installed October 2010 CU should review the information on the above listed blog post!


  1. As I pointed out in a comment to that blog (which has been ignored by the people there and not published either) there is no such thing as a "SharePoint Foundation Server Package" so it's not surprising packages called that are not affected.

    What they mean is no doubt "SharePoint Foundation 2010 hotfix package" – they exist while there has never been a product called "SharePoint Foundation Server".


  2. Hi Mike,

    you are correct that there is no SharePoint Foundation Server product – but you are not correct with the statement that there is no SharePoint Foundation Server package.

    The specific hotfix package is a "server package". So the term server does not belong to the product but to the package.

    For SharePoint Server 2010 there is also a Server package: "SharePoint Server 2010 Server package."

    The Server package was earlier called "Uber" package but got renamed roughly a year ago to "Server package".




  3. On the subject of naming things. Can I suggest that when the package is reissued it has a different name? I don't want to be concerned with *which* October 2010 CU has been applied – can you call it v2 or something that at least differentiates it? I've been in this situation before with other MS products where a Service Pack has been reissued with the same name – It causes no end of confusion. You shouldn't have situations where someone says "Yes, SP2 is installed" and then someone has to ask "Yes but *which* SP2?".


  4. Hi Andy,

    that is not under my control. Feel free to comment the post from the product group on the SharePoint blog linked from my article.




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