First MCMS SP2 hotfix has been released today!

DCA complains about missing priviledges when selecting a database when SQL authentication is being used

Our current findings show that this issue is caused by the fact that the DCA now always verifies if the MCMS system account has db_datareader, db_datawriter and db_ddladmin priviledges on the SQL server – even if SQL authentication is used.

The hotfix for this problem has been released and can be requested from Microsoft Support as KB 913400

(A list of all SP2 issues including state can be found here: Current known issues with MCMS 2002 SP2)


  1. Hi Stefan,

    I’ve tried to find this hot fix on the Microsft site and have called Microsoft Support and they don’t have details for this hot fix, can you please advise about where and how to get this.

    Thanks in advance,



  2. Hi Stefan,

    I wasn’t logged in on last post regarding obtaining the hot fix, can you please reply to this email address.

    Thanks again,



  3. Hi Stefan,

    Please ignore previous posts, have managed to get through to the devloper department who know about this patch, just waiting on them getting back to us.




  4. why request fixes – tell MS to make it available – geez, do they want us to get it to run or do we have to sit on a telephone.

    MS business model sucks


  5. Stefan,

    I tried to run this hotfix version of the DCA last evening, and, while it no longer complains about the user rights to my MCMS database, it DOES give an error to the effect that DCA thinks my SQL Server 2005 Express database is a PRE SQL Server 2000 release.  Has anyone else reported this?


    Mike H.


  6. Afaik SQL 2005 Express is not supported.


  7. Thanks, Stefan.

    I didn’t get this error message with the Service Pack 2 DCA, only with the latest one with the hotfix.  The SP2 DCA gave me that error message that said the database user I was logged in as did not have the proper rights over the database (although the user did).  This was in SQL Server 2005 express, so if the latest and greatest DCA is filtering out Express (and allowing 2005), then the filtering seems to have been added recently.  

    It seems if THAT were the case, then the error message might just go ahead and state that MCMS doesn’t support SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.



  8. Hi Mike,

    if it worked with SP2 it should still work. You should open a support case for this.




  9. Stefan,

    It didn’t actually WORK with SP2.  In that scenario, I was getting the user rights "bug", where the installation wizard thought that my admin (dbo) account wasn’t valid.  With this one, I think I don’t get that far.  I’m not sure, but I think the database check happens before that.

    At any rate, I ended up just phoning up my ISP and having them create a new database for me on their SQL Server 2000 server, and everything is OK now.  

    I don’t know how many developers install the MCMS database on their local machines (I was hoping to do this on my laptop), but it occurs to me that the usage is so hefty, that unless you have a couple of processors and a couple of gigs of memory, it’s probably not a good idea.

    With this setup, the only requirement is that the development machine have an internet connection to get to my ISP’s database.

    Mike H.


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