MCMS v.Next – The curtain has been lifted at PDC

Ok, finally some official information next version of MCMS has been officially anounced and presented at PDC. Here is a short summary of everything that has been anounced so far:

  • Next version of MCMS will be build on top of WSS in Office 12
  • ASP.NET 2.0 features like Masterpages will be leveraged
  • Plugable Membership and Role providers allow authentication against any 3rd party authentication source
  • Plugable Navigation Providers allow easy to build navigation for your website
  • Improved Content Deployment Concepts
  • Improved Caching
  • Publishing Content from documents in a SharePoint document library through an extensible converter framework
  • Build in Search capabilities
  • Extensible Workflow through use of Windows Workflow Foundation (WinFX)
  • Automated Content Migration from MCMS 2002


  1. "It’s MCMS Jim but not as we know it"


  2. and when is the release of this new fancy version?


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