Beta Version of MCMS Manager 3.2 available for download!

One of the most requested missing features for the famous MCMS Manager was the fact that it lacked the possibility to use it against a remote machine. It was required to run it on the MCMS server machine itself – so at least Remote Desktop access was required.

This beta version now fills this gap!

Chester is asking everyone for feedback to stabilize this version. So go ahead! Test it!


  1. Uh oh,

    I think I’ve done something wrong again; are you refering to the NRClient.exe? It seems to run on any machine with MCMS installed.

    I have a shortcut on my desktop (MCMS installed) that links to the production server.


  2. Hi Andrew,

    no I’m not talking about SiteManager. Follow the "Test it!" link and you will see what I mean.




  3. That looks quite interesting 😀


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