TechEd – Day 2

I attended the “ASP.NET 2.0: Best Practices for Building Web Application UI with Master Pages, Themes and Site Navigation” session and had a chance to talk with the speaker and one of the developers about the problem with Themes in Content Management applications which I outlined here

It seems there is currently really no other workaround as to write a custom http module that modifies the content before it gets sent back to the client. Ugly but true. I will have to follow up on this with the product group when I’m back in Munich next week.

After this I attended Arpan‘s session about MCMS best practices. This was a very nice session which outlines several well known things like never touching the database but also some new information about separating presentation and data layer in placeholder and navigation controls. This actually allows an easy switch to the provider based modell of ASP.NET after Service Pack 2 is out. The session was a compressed session of two sessions Arpan held in TechEd US but he was still able to present the content in a manner that made it easy to follow him.

At the end of the session a Speaker from Telerik demonstrated the latest version of the Telerik placeholder control. Finally all the recommendations I sent to them before the first version was released have been implemented like using the placeholder definition information to generate the toolbar and to allow upload of local images and attachments to the placeholder. Actually this is now really a very great product which I highly recommend to everyone using MCMS! And the best thing: the lite version which contains all these features is absolutly free for all MCMS users! What would you need more?

After the session I had a chance to talk to lots of customers I had been working before and peoples who knew me from the public newsgroup.

Later I joined Arpan, Spencer, Mark, Tony and the guys from Telerik for a drink and later for dinner. After this we went to a party for the UK speakers.

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