MCMS tip of the day – staging an ASP.NET based MCMS site

The Site Stager component shipped with MCMS only allows staging of a ASP based MCMS site – not of an ASP.NET based site.

Although it often would not make sense to get a static snapshot of a dynamic MCMS website, there can be reasons that require to get a static snapshot – e.g. if MCMS is used for help file creation (CHM help files).

As a workaround for this limitation you can use Site Stager .NET which is able to create a static snapshot also from ASP.NET based MCMS sites.


  1. Can the stager be used to create a static version of a MS CMS site that can be deployed to a production web server. This way you could not need CMS installed on the web server.


  2. Yes, that is possible – but it is only a static version. No dynamic content included.


  3. Can you provide some examples on what you consider dynamic content? From what I know, dynamic web site functionality (asp/ pages) are not managed within MSCMS. So, what would dynamic content consist of – that would not work with the stager?


  4. The stager will create html pages. No ASP. No ASP.NET.


  5. Now that gotdotnet is no longer with us, is there any where else I can get this?


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