Free Webauthor extension from It Hit to enhance the hyperlink dialog and the console

IT Hit Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 (MCMS) Web Author Enhancement

IT Hit MCMS Web Author Enhancement replaces 3 standard MCMS Web Author dialogs with more convenient dialogs and installs new popup console. “Insert Hyperlink”, “Copy Page” and “Move Page” web-dialogs are replaced with new one making it easier to browse site structure.

Convenient Site Structure Browsing

When browsing site structure via standard MCMS dialogs it takes a long time to find a page or channel in a big site structure. For instance standard “Insert Hyperlink” dialog reloads page each time Editor clicks on a ‘+’ sign. New dialogs load data using XML and does not reload page. The data is loaded asynchronously, so the web page is not blocked when loading big chunks of data. You can see how much data loaded on a progress bar, displayed near the tree node.

More details here.


  1. Nice! Works good, and is easy to install and deploy!

    Pity the blue background is not quite the same as the MCMS colour scheme!


  2. Very cool. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. Great addition.. especially since i’m using telerik for a few sites..

    however.. has anyone had the problem with the url portion now showing the text lables on the buttons?.. I can’t figure it out… (by this i’m meaning View, Save, and Cancel)… i’m installing on Windows Server 2003, MCMS SP1A, and Telerik v1.5. If you do please let me know:


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