SiteStaging tool for .NET based templates

An often requested feature is a tool to create a static copy of MCMS Web site. CMS 2001 shipped the SiteStager tool which is also coming with CMS 2002 but it is limited to ASP based templates. ASP.NET based templates are not supported.

Creating static copies is often very useful – e.g. when you create a CHM file based on  your web site content or if you would like to archive a snapshot of the website at a specific time for documentation.

The recommended method to create a static copy of a MCMS web site is to use a 3rd party web crawling tool.
The problem with such tools is that they usually fail to work when the links between the posting are not rendered as html link but (e.g.) created with client side XML/XSL or JavaScript.

To overcome this limitation I have written a staging tool that overcomes this limitation.


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