New version of Metalogix Migration Manager currently in the works

Hi all,

I had a chance to see a demo of the upcoming new version of Metalogix Migration Manager ( which will be available in a couple of month. I was really impressed about the feature set it will contain. Here is a list of the major features of the new version:

  • Automated Migration Tools
    • Migration Manager’s content tagging tools allow for the rapid identification of relevant content elements.
    • Migration Manager also provides advanced pattern matching tools that allow for the automated migration of content from similar pages.
    • Migration Manager also allows custom metadata to be applied to postings at migration time.
  • Template Generation: Migration Manager provides an easy to use Template Generation Wizard that can be used to create an MCMS template from any existing HTML page. Generated templates can reduce development time and accelerate testing.
  • Link Correction: Migration Manager also offers advanced link management tools that update all content links to reflect the new site structure in MCMS 2002 removing the need to manually re-target links to migrated content.
  • Digital Asset Support: Migration Manager supports the export of flash, pdf, office documents or any other file type into MCMS Resource Galleries, or SharePoint libraries as well as the ability to apply user defined metadata to documents.
  • Multilingual Support: Migration Manager supports the migration of source content from any language.
  • MCMS Integration: Migration Manager offers out-of-box integration with MCMS, including built-in posting generation, resource migration and template generation wizards.
  • SharePoint Integration: Migration Manager offers out-of-box integration with SharePoint, including the ability to migrate documents and images into SharePoint libraries.


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