SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 has a new feature which recycles the OWSTIMER.EXE process every night – similar to the application pool functionality in IIS – to avoid memory problems inside the timer service. The recycling is controlled by a new timer job which has been added in SharePoint 2010: the “Timer Service Recycle” job which per default […]

With Powershell we now got a new very powerful scripting language and many products like SharePoint provide their own extensions in form of CmdLets for administration purposes. Customer like scripting languages as it allows them to write custom code without a need to run a compiler or to copy new executables to their production machines […]

Since today you are able to download WSS 4.0 / Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 from Microsoft Download Center. Overview SharePoint Foundation 2010 is the new version of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. It is the essential solution for organizations that need a secure, manageable, web-based collaboration platform. ​SharePoint helps teams stay connected and productive by providing […]

Microsoft has just made a Sneak Peek of SharePoint 2010 available on 2010 Sneak Peek Home: 2010 Sneak Peek Overview Video:  2010 Sneak Peek IT Pro Video:  2010 Sneak Peek Developer Video:  2010 Sneak Peek Get Ready: 2010 Sneak Peek FAQ: More details are available on the SharePoint […]

A common question I receive is the following: I have tried to save my site as a template using "Site Action" – "Save site as template" but this option is not available as soon as I enable the publishing feature. After some tries I managed to save the site as a template my adding "_layouts/savetmpl.aspx" behind […]