Chester needs to get the credits for the findings in the following blog as he pointed me to this specific behaviour! MCMS does not have a documented method to identify if the current user is a MCMS administrator or not. But there is a very easy way around this if you are using the CmsHttpContext! […]

[Via Arpan Shah] At TechEd Orlando Skelta, announced that they are providing a lite version of their workflow product with seamless integration with MCMS. You will be able to run 25 concurrent workflow processes at any given time – which should be sufficient for most web content management implementations. ETA is planned for end of […]

Today I received a question on the newsgroup about what the different steps of the background processing job are doing as this is not properly documented. Here is the list of all the steps and what they are doing: Step 1) Process expired postings This step does what it says: it deletes expired postings. This […]

[via Andrew Connell] Andrew Connell is currently at TechEd in Orlando and had a chance to attend the MCMS session from Arpan Shah who announced interesting information about MCMS: MCMS 2002 Service Pack 2: Expect this to be released after the .NET Framwork 2.0 is released (BTW: today’s keynote at TechEd announced that Visual Studio .NET 2005 […]

My control to allow direct editing of property values during edit time contained a small bug in the time compare function for Start and Expiration Date. I already uploaded the new version to GotDotNet but it might take some days for the new version to show up. To correct the problem just replace the following […]

Glen has written an article that outlines how to manipulate the MCMS database using unsupported methods by simulating the XML stream coming from Site Manager. Using this method is unsupported and willl break the Microsoft Support Boundaries for MCMS. The same arguments as listed here do also apply to this method. And again: I really don’t […]

The .NET framework ships with a very flexible tracing feature provided through the Trace class in the System.Diagnostics namespace.     Debug.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine(“My Debug Output”); Whenever you need to write some debug output just use Trace.WriteLine to send the debug output to a Trace Listener. In my project I have added some line of code to the […]

Just got the confirmation that I will be able to attend the EMEA Tech-Ed this year in Amsterdam. I will mainly attend the sessions of the Portals and Collaboration track. In addition Arpan asked me to participate in the Ask the Expert program. So if someone would like to meet me in person: Tech-Ed would […]