Today I started my MCMS tip of the day series. Every day – or at least every day I have time – I will show a tip for MCMS for various categories. Some of them will be new, some of them will just point to an existing article and will be a little bit like […]

Since today Andrew Connell is a new MVP for Microsoft Content Management Server. He really deserves it as he has provided help to many customers in the public newsgroup for MCMS. I assume he will shortly be listed on the official site for MCMS MVP to join Mei Ying, Spencer, Joel and Angus! Andrew: congratulation […]

Today I played around with community server to adjust how it places the different elements. Community Server on Technet has a couple of really nice skins but non of the addressed completly how I wanted to see my blog. The green Marvin3 skin was the one the fit my requirements most. But I wanted to […]

[Via Artemis] We have just published what we think is quite an important step in the documentation process – the developer reference. This is the CHM-style NDoc-generated class reference doc that we know you all love to get your hands on. It’s draft in that we have not provided enhanced commentary – it is from the base […]

Although I’m not really a friend on enforcing this for every image – there are always some images in a site which are only there to beautify the site which don’t have a message – here are some tips if you really need to enforce this. There are three dialogs that have to be adjusted: […]