Authoring connector as being shipped in the package allows to publish content from a Word document but it in a not very flexible manner: you can choose to publish a selected part of the document or the whole document to an (Office)HtmlPlaceholder object or you can publish the whole document as attachment. But what if […]

[via Business Web Software] InfoPath is a component of Microsoft Office that enables users to design and fill out electronic forms using the InfoPath client. InfoPath integrates with the other components of the Microsoft Office System and allows users to collect, process and share data within the Office environment. With the introduction of the InfoPath […]

Did you ever have the problem that you needed to quickly update a MCMS template definition on a production server or on a staging server where Visual Studio .NET was not installed? Or are you creating ASP based sites using MCMS 2002 and don’t like the idea to have a need to install VS.NET just […]

As an author for an MCMS web site you might have experienced the problem that you first have to save a posting before you get the chance to update it’s properties. Means first fill in the content into the placeholders, then save it and finally modify the properties (e.g. start date, expiration date) and custom […]

I want to let you know that Mei Ying, Angus Logan, Andrew Connell, Joel Ward and myself are currently writing on a second MCMS book. It will focus on more advanced topics which didn’t make it into the first book. Here is a short overview of the topics that will be covered in the new […]