Stefan Goßner

In a previous article I have explained how to use the using construct to create scalable application using the CmsApplicationContext. Today I found a great article from Cyrus with more insights on this nice C# construct:

Ever thought about adding custom properties to resource galleries or resource gallery items? Then you will have noticed that MCMS does not support this. Andrew Connell a MCMS MVPs has written a nice and very flexible solution for this problem:

MCMS ships with a single sample site: Woodgrove. But neither MCMS nor the Connector contains a ready to use sample site for the SharePoint Connector stuff. But on GotDotNet there is actually a demo site for Microsoft Content Management Server, with or without the Connector for SharePoint Technologies. It includes the following: Basic CMS authoring, editing, […]

Ever had the problem that you needed to do housekeeping on your MCMS database? Lots of space is often used by resources in resource galleries. So a good idea is to ensure that only used resource gallery items keep stored in the database. MCMS does not provide a public API to identify which resources are […]