Stefan Goßner

As you convert your ASP.NET 1.x applications to the new ASP.NET 2.0 framework, you may encounter issues related to the changes introduced by the 2.0 framework. In this article, we will look at both the conversion process and some of the common issues you may encounter during a conversion:

Today I have seen another performance problem caused by Site Deployment API. Here Site Deployment was implemented as a Web application. This causes the Site Deployment API to be loaded into the worker process of the application. So far so good. The problem is that Site Deployment requires a significant amount of memory to be […]

[via Mei Ying] Authors often ask for a list of postings that link to a particular posting/channel before deleting or moving it. Here’s a sample that I’ve written to help address this. It’s a simple console application that scans all placeholder content for hyperlink.   Read more…

Part 3 – How to identify 3rd party products using undocumented program internal intefaces I have discussed problems when using undocumented program internal interfaces and how they affect support in Part 1 and Part 2 of this article. Now lets focus on 3rd party products as these might consume such interfaces which would also impact your […]

Part 2 – What would YOU do? Lets assume you have developed a nice application – lets say a Web Application that uses a backend database. To allow your users to customize the application you have implemented an API that customers can use to savely program against the application. Unfortunatelly due to time constraints you did […]

Part 1 – Technical Background I assume you often heard the statement: “Don’t use undocumented API calls”. And you might often have thought: “Why not? There are so powerful features under the surface of the documented API! I want to use them!”. This article should give you some ideas what could happen when undocumented API […]

Inproper use of the MCMS publishing API can cause significant performance problems in MCMS. A good summary of things to avoid and to do is listed in Chesters article. Beside the hints in Chesters article here are some less good known facts you need to be aware of: 1) Do not use the HtmlPlaceholder.Text property […]

The SingleImagePlaceholderControl and SingleAttachmentPlaceholderControl have a small bug: they render a link to an image named transparent.jpg in the current directory. As this is only a cosmetic bug that causes 404 errors in the IIS log this bug will not be fixed in a hotfix. As this is still an anoying problem for some users […]

A couple of weeks ago someone asked the question on the public newsgroup on how to verify a given posting name using regular expressions. Here is a solution for this problem: public bool CheckName(string name) {     // test for other characters as the ones in the list     Regex regEx1 = new Regex(@”[^A-Z0-9 _\-().]”, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);     // test for double ‘.’     Regex regEx2 = new Regex(@”\.{2}”, RegexOptions.None);     // test for ‘.’ at the end     Regex regEx3 = new Regex(@”[\.]$”, RegexOptions.None);         string Name = txtName.Text.Trim();     Match match1 = regEx1.Match(Name);     Match match2 = regEx2.Match(Name);     Match match3 = regEx3.Match(Name);     // valid = no invalid chars, no double dot, no dot at the end     bool valid = !match1.Success && !match2.Success && !match3.Success;      return valid;}

David Wang provided a nice article on diagnosing 401 errors. This article is also very useful to analyze MCMS problems when guest access does not work even if the guest account is correctly configured in MCMS. HOWTO Diagnose IIS 401 Access Denied

Themes are a very nice feature in ASP.NET 2.0 to allow personalization and customization of a site very easily. Even without recompile an web administrator would be able to change the look and feel of a site completly by just changing the theme in the web.config (e.g.). So it would be great if you could […]