Stefan Goßner

BMP files are valid files when using Internet Explorer. But most other browser types are not able to display BMP files correct. So – in an Internet scenario – it is a good idea to prevent that BMP files can be uploaded to the MCMS Repository There are two things to consider: upload as a […]

Hi all, the legal issues with my MCMS website are now resolved and the FAQ page is up again! Together with Steve Cawood I have managed to develop a downloadable CHM version beside the standard Html version. You should check out both and decide which one to use. Both versions will be updated frequently. Link […]

In Webauthor when a new window opens (e.g. Resource Manager) the positioning and size of the window causes the lower right edge of the window to be out of the screen when Internet Explorer is run in Fullscreen mode. To solve this this issue you need to modify some lines of code in the following […]

I received lots of questions in the past about problems with workflow events. To understand what can be done in a workflow event it is helpful to know the sequence the events are fired during save, approve and any other action. The code below can be added to the global.asax.cs and will then track all workflow […]

MCMS 2002 offers a great flexibility and extensibility due to integration in the .NET framework and the ability to create custom console actions, rich controls and most important: custom placeholder controls. MCMS 2002 already ships with 3 placeholder controls: HtmlPlaceholderControl SingleImagePlaceholderControl SingleAttachmentPlaceholderControl These placeholder control do not always meet the requirements of all users. But […]

When using an Frame or an IFRAME on a MCMS2002 template you will experience a strange problem when switching to authoring mode: You will receive a Javascript ‘permission denied’ error. This is a small issue in the coding of Console.js causing a Cross-Site-Scripting issue in framed sites.  When switching between presentation and authoring mode Webauthor trys […]

There are two different reasons for ugly URL’s on in presentation mode: when using Webauthor and switching to live site when doing a postback in on a form to send data to the server. There is a solution for both problems. Problem 1 requires an additional postback to the server to retrieve the page with […]

Ok, that’s my very first entry to this Blog. Hope you find the stuff useful I will post here. Cheers, Stefan