Stefan Goßner

Ever had the problem that you needed to do housekeeping on your MCMS database? Lots of space is often used by resources in resource galleries. So a good idea is to ensure that only used resource gallery items keep stored in the database. MCMS does not provide a public API to identify which resources are […]

Ever thought about protecting parts of your MCMS site with SSL?In IIS you can enforce this for virtual directories by setting a flag that this virtual directory is only allowed to be viewed with SSL but how can you achieve this with MCMS? The following article outlines a solution: And here is a follow up […]

Chester has again posted some “tricks” on his blog about how to enhance MCMS using unsupported methods.And again I have to say: Don’t use such methods – your system will become unsupported! I really don’t like the role of being the bad guy that always says don’t do this – unsupported and so on. But it […]

As already mentioned two days ago every good website should have an option to search the content of the site. Although MCMS does not ship it’s own search engine you can easily integrated 3rd party search engines with MCMS. Especially to integrate with the Search engine from SharePoint Portal Server Microsoft ships controls with Connector […]

Authoring connector as being shipped in the package allows to publish content from a Word document but it in a not very flexible manner: you can choose to publish a selected part of the document or the whole document to an (Office)HtmlPlaceholder object or you can publish the whole document as attachment. But what if […]