Stefan Goßner

The .NET framework ships with a very flexible tracing feature provided through the Trace class in the System.Diagnostics namespace.     Debug.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine(“My Debug Output”); Whenever you need to write some debug output just use Trace.WriteLine to send the debug output to a Trace Listener. In my project I have added some line of code to the […]

Just got the confirmation that I will be able to attend the EMEA Tech-Ed this year in Amsterdam. I will mainly attend the sessions of the Portals and Collaboration track. In addition Arpan asked me to participate in the Ask the Expert program. So if someone would like to meet me in person: Tech-Ed would […]

Just want to let all of you know that I recently uploaded an updated version of my Web Author Extension to allow configuration of the standard web author dialogs (see here for details). The new version now also supports configured sorting of the revision history dialog. It can be downloaded using the link below:

Most of you might have experienced the problem that a posting needs to be rolled back to a previous version – either because the author accidentily modified a wrong one or because the editor decides that the changes are not acceptable and rejects the changes. Although MCMS does provide the revision history browser to view […]

There are two different reasons for ugly URL’s on in presentation mode: when using Webauthor and switching to live site when doing a postback in on a form to send data to the server. The following articles discuss different ways to address this:

In a previous article I have explained how to use the using construct to create scalable application using the CmsApplicationContext. Today I found a great article from Cyrus with more insights on this nice C# construct: