Please review the “Known issues” section of the KB articles for SharePoint September 2022 CU / PU

With September 2022 CU/PU additional steps might be required to prevent unexpected problems after applying the updates.
The following information is included in the KB articles for SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and Subscription Edition:

Known issues in this update

Important: we recommend to evaluate all SharePoint updates in a test environment against all business critical functions and processes before applying in production as SharePoint fixes cannot be uninstalled.
More details in my blog post about SharePoint Patching Best Practices.


  1. Stefan, do the first two issues mainly apply if you have code based custom solutions deployed in your farm or can they also impact out of the box items as well. Thanks in advance for your response.



    1. The main purpose is to address issues with custom solutions. I do not have sufficient information to confirm whether or not there are scenarios which include only out of the box controls/actions that can lead to the problem.


      1. Stefan,

        Microsoft did not describe what they were blocking. Microsoft has a many administrators on edge because of this patch and there is a history of poor communications in these patch. I think it would be appropriate for you to look into this.

        The last time this happened another Microsoft Employee created a PowerShell script to fix this. I am not suggesting that he or you do that but without DETAILS of what is being blocked we as administrators cannot be prepared to fix this potential issue. The solution is not to us to spend more monies to open up a ticket with support, the solution is for Microsoft to provide information so we can be prepared to take action.


        1. Hi Gene, I just started a 3 week vacation – so I am not able to look into this right now. If you need clarification I would suggest to open a ticket with Microsoft support.


  2. Hello Stefan,

    thank you for the Information provided here.

    As we are involved in many Clients with SharePoint 2019 and their Patching Process I like to know:

    Is it planed to provide the recommended Changes ( Web.Config ) in the Future – May be in October 2022?

    Background …
    Some of our Customer are having many Web-Applications … and with this there are lot’s of Config-Files ( Web.Config ). I remember some security Issues where we need to update a large amount of Config-Files “by hand” … One or two months later a PowerShell-Script was added or included.

    With best regards
    Stefan Schwarz


    1. There is currently no plan to provide a PowerShell script.


    2. Hi Stefan, about the “by hand” part: it is recommended to add the required information using the SPWebConfigModification class to the web.config to ensure that the info is persisted and automatically applied on all servers in the farm.


  3. Hi Stefan, is this KB5017733 only included in the CU, not in the PU, which is provided by windows updates? Best regards, Michael


    1. Hi Michael,
      this known issue applies as well to the PU and the CU.


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