SharePoint security fixes released with March 2022 PU and offered through Microsoft Update

We did not release any security fixes for SharePoint in March 2022.



  1. Does this update fix broken RSS feeds from last months CU?


    1. Hi Chad,
      I just double checked and this issue has not been reported via a support case so far.
      Without a case we cannot investigate it and request a fix.


    2. The February 2022 SharePoint 2019 PU has changed how the disableIntranetcalls and disableIntranetcallsfromapps is handled. We set both of these properties using the SPFarmPropertyBag resource which sets the value for the key to [String]. We built out our farms in the fall of 2019 using this, and our configuration has been checking for this value successfully since then, however after the February 2022 PU, the RSS Viewer web part broke. The only option we had to resolve it is to explicitly set the property to [Boolean].


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