Trending Issue: /_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx shows as blank page in SP2019 after installing September PU

We received a couple of cases from customers who reported that navigating to the “Site Contents” page shows up as a blank page.
In this situation you will find an entry similar to the following:

w3wp.exe (0x1xxx) SharePoint Foundation Web Controls cfpx8 Unexpected Error encountered when creating uri from baseUrl /_layouts/15/next/odspnext/.

This error will occur if the language dependent and language independent patch level is different for the specific language.

Reasons this can happen:

  • Only the September 2021 security fix (KB 5002018) was installed but not the language dependent fix (KB 5002019) which does not include new security fixes.
  • A language pack was installed after September 2021 CU was installed without reapplying the language dependent fix.
  • The configuration wizard was not executed after applying the language dependent fixes

To resolve the issue ensure to apply the language dependent fix from September 2021 CU and run the SharePoint configuration wizard.


  1. Thanks a lot, it worked. You saved us.

    At the customer farm the update (KB 5002018) was installed automatically because they accidentally did not exclude the SharePoint updates from the WSUS.


  2. woow.. it works!
    thanks Stefan


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